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This is one of the first songs off the official Kid Norm " A Kid Unknown" mix tape. The track is produced by Marximus and my mix tape is slated for a 2014 release and has slowly been progressing well.

"This track is basically an intro to the mix tape, as listeners get a first hand look at the story telling approach that I have taken to deliver my story, which I know will inspire and move a lot of people. Thank you so much for taking the time to hear this. Promise to provide more tracks out to my fans and want to wish you and yours a happy holidays." -Kid Norm.


KN - Welcome

Welcome to my world HOOOOOO!
Bout to show you how I get down
I been here since 08 yo! Turning frowns upside down
I fuck with y'all from day 1, Hope you don't forget me on day 2
Cuz I been on these streets Tryna pay these fucken bills too
Man fuck the fame, Man fuck the glory, I'm about mines
Bout to tell this story, Bout a young man tryna do his best
With no bull vest, he just kills the rest
Man fuck your truth man, fuck your lies
Cuz the best of both just lives to die
So i just keep on breathing nigga, Hope my music helps a niggas stay Alive

Born in 1989, Thursday, That night, A kid was born
To take the throne, no matter where they say his from

Alot people doubting, they never ever seen my grind
Now I'm about to show them how, HOW I really get down

Alot people doubting, they never ever seen my grind
Now I'm about to show them how, HOW I really get down

A kid unknown, This is my story
But before I get into the story lemme re-introduce myself


released 24 December 2013
Produced by Marximus




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Kid Norm Toronto, Ontario

The brand new flavor in your ear, Kid Norm is blessed with heavy lyrical flows, that are never under budget. With killing performances at his school he was able to get attention with the hip hop heads, with his style, charisma and energy on the stage. Right now he's just working hard to uncover the artist behind the books,so watch out for him. His bringing something NEW TO THE TABLE. ... more

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